The Republicans had their year-ending debate last Tuesday. The Democrats had their final presidential debate Saturday night. Star Wars, “The Force Awakens,” started showing this week, and the world has been caught in the tractor beam of the mega-move sensation.

Star Wars made a cameo appearance at the very end of the ABC sponsored debate from Manchester, New Hampshire. In her closing statement, Hillary Clinton ended by telling the crowd in front of her and the TV audience watching from home, “may the Force be with you.”

What one poll after another, from left and right and in between show, is the Force is indeed with Mrs. Clinton, who odds makers say will both win the Democratic nomination and win the White House.

Proof of where the force is going these days is found in the latest Public Policy Polling survey, which has Hillary Clinton leading her primary challenger, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, 56 percent to 28 percent, with former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley at nine percent. PPP says “Clinton leads with every group we track…The race is closer among younger voters (50/35), white voters (51/33), and ‘very liberal’ voters (55/36)…Clinton has more dominant advantages with seniors (68/21), African Americans (67/17), and voters who identify as just ‘somewhat liberal’ (65/23).”

The same PPP poll also showed who the Force isn’t with, and among the laggards that won’t be going into hyperdrive anytime soon is Ohio’s crusty CEO, John Kasich, who can only muster two percent compared to 34 percent for Donald Trump, who top his closest rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, by 16 points.

“Joining Bush and Graham with upside down favorability ratings among GOP voters are Rand Paul (34/44) and John Kasich (26/40),” Tom Jensen at PPP notes.

Mrs. Clinton, with the help of former Ohio Governor Richard Celeste, qualified for the ballot ahead of the March 15th Ohio Primary. Mr. Celeste, elected in back to back elections in the 1980s, said her agenda “addresses the real things that keep Ohio families up at night,” adding, “She’s focused on revitalizing our manufacturing jobs and production, investing in our infrastructure, reforming our criminal justice system and building an economy that works for every Ohioan, not just those at the top.”

Quinnipiac University polled Iowans recently and found among women Hillary lead Bernie with an almost 2-1 lead and 51-40 among Iowa likely Democratic Caucus participants.

The former Secretary of State under President Obama is up +22 over Sen. Sanders according to Fox News polling, while the latest ABC/Washington Post poll has her extending that mark to +31 percent.

Debating from New Hampshire tonight, Clinton is within the margin of error there with Sanders in a Boston Herald poll that has him up two points, 48-46, over her.

“The Republicans would like nothing more than for our team to sit back and relax right now, but I am not taking anything for granted,” Team Hillary said post-debate, after contrasting what would happen if a Republican won versus her or Sen. Sanders or Mr. O’Malley should they be their party’s standard bearer and win the General Election next year. From Obamacare to equal rights for women, minorities and LGBT to equal voting rights, Hillary painted a picture of the nation going in reverse when it should be building on the achievements made despite concerted Republican opposition to domestic and foreign policies put forward by her and President Obama since 2008.

One of the highlights from the debate was Mrs. Clinton’s promise not to raise taxes on middle-class Americans. A second one came as she named GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump as helping Islamic State militants recruit new members with his vow to ban Muslims from entering the United States. A controversy that wasn’t was soon disposed of early on, when a dust-up between Sen. Sanders’ campaign and the Democratic National Committee over a recent data breach of Clinton’s campaign voter files was briefly spoken about then abandoned as all three candidates said there were more important matters to deal with, like affordable health care, student debt and making billionaires pay their fair share.

It’s anyone’s guess who Luke, Han, Princess Leia or Chewbacca, 3-CPO or even the newest droid BB-8 will vote for next year, but if they want to keep the Empire from returning, their collective force will be behind a big push to give America its first woman president. When the Force does awaken, it might also have another Jedi Knight to add to the mix, Hillary’s husband, former two-term president, Bill Clinton.