When the cat’s away, the mice will play. The cat here is responsible, fact-checking media that knows enough about a candidate’s history to compare and contrast what they said yesterday to what they said today.

Playing mice include Ohio Gov. John Kasich and his band of merry loyalists, who ride around New Hampshire in a big shiny tour bus with a ticking debt bomb clock on it that’s used at town hall meetings to mislead Granite State voters into thinking the nation’s spending and debt is out of control, ready to collapse the greatest nation on earth if the U.S. Constitution isn’t amended pronto to require a balanced federal budget, a major if not Quixotic talking point for Mr. Kasich.

Camp Kasich Double Talk

The New Hampshire Union Leader, which endorsed Gov. Chris Christie for president, caught Ohio’s term-limited leader saying something so patently false that he should have melted like the Wicked Witch of the West getting doused with a bucket of water.

Talking in Keene on Dec. 11 to employees at The Main Street America Group, Gov. Kasich said if he’s elected President he will not use executive action to get around the legislative branch, Dan Tuohy reported. “Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich said Democrat Hillary Clinton’s talk of using executive action to further policy goals amounts to an unconstitutional end-run around the legislative branch,” Tuohy wrote about Kasich’s comments, which included a declaration about issuing “executive orders…without checking in with leaders in the legislative body.”

“First of all, I don’t even think it’s constitutional. And secondly, it’s just flat-out wrong. We just don’t run over people. That’s the problem with this country today — people try to run over everybody. We need to work together to build a stronger country,” Gov. Kasich said, The Union Leader reported.

Kasich Executive Action End-Runs Ohio Legislature To Expand Medicaid

For news media outside of Ohio that know little – if anything – about the governor’s record, those statements are so “pants on fire” untrue and easily verifiable that it’s a miscarriage of reporting that he’s allowed to crow about it at all. At issue is a comment by Hillary Clinton, the frontrunner and widely expected pick of Democrats to run for president next year, that she would consider executive action to address corporate inversion (the practice some large companies use to avoid U.S. taxes). Mrs. Clinton, who will be debating her Democratic rivals Saturday night in New Hampshire, said she favors executive orders to expand restrictions on gun sales only if a GOP-controlled Congress opposed key policy or regulatory reform.”

Flashing back to what Gov. Kasich said and did in Ohio on Medicaid expansion, he’s no stranger to using executive action when it suits his agenda, even when the Ohio legislature wants to go in a different direction. Such was the case in October of 2013 when media reported that the hard-right Republican-controlled Ohio House voted to not accept expansion of the low-income federal/state funded program that came along with $2.5 billion from Washington. The Kasich administration, seeing the legislature as an immovable object, did an end-around lawmakers by expanding Medicaid through an administrative tool, the Controlling Board, where just four votes instead of a majority of the legislature was needed to do the deed.

The Ohio House was against it at the time while the Ohio Senate – which has acted to keep controversial bills (right to work and harsh abortion bills) – away from the governor’s desk in his run-up to reelection in 2014 was in pause mode. Camp Kasich won the vote, and Gov. Kasich has held expanding Medicaid out as his “big heart” effort to help out Ohioans whose incomes are low enough to qualify them for Medicaid and who don’t have jobs because Gov. Kasich can’t create enough of them, fast enough, to give them living wage jobs.

Kasich Runs Over Everybody

And when Gov. Kasich tells Granite State voters “We just don’t run over people,” that’s patently false. Governor-elect John Kasich made headlines when early on he told lobbyists and others this: “I just want Ohio to be great. Please leave the cynicism and the political maneuvering at the door. Because we need you on the bus and if you’re not on the bus, we will run over you with the bus. And I’m not kidding,” The Dayton Daily News reported.

Fox News National Poll: Kasich At 2%

In the meantime, a new national poll out Friday by Fox News puts Donald Trump against at the top of the heap of GOP candidates with 39 percent, followed in second place by Sen. Ted Cruz at 18 percent and then Sen. Marco Rubio at 11 percent.

Gov. Kasich, sadly, who has tried and failed once before in 2000 to run for president, lands in ninth place with just two percent, that’s down 50 percent from his polling by Fox News in mid-August.

Kasich NH Ground Game Adds Big Name

Barely alive in polling, both national and in most states, Camp Kasich likes to downplay his tanking popularity with up-plays about his ground game. If endorsements from power players in New Hampshire count, Camp Kasich landed a big one recently.

Camp Kasich announced that Swanzey’s fire chief, Norman W. Skantze, has now signed-on to his New Hampshire steering committee. Mr. Skantze will serve as a town chairman on the committee, a news release from the Kasich campaign said, according to The Keene Sentinel.