Ohio Inspector General Randy Meyer has finally released his report about Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor’s staffers who were fired last year for billing the state for hours they never worked.  Props to the Dispatch’s Randy Ludlow for recognizing us as the original source of the investigation:

“The inspector general’s investigation was spawned after the liberal blog Plunderbund requested records that called into question the amount of work hours claimed by Johnson and Brandt.”

Editors for the Dispatch and other papers around the state have had a fun time whipping up sensationalist (and somewhat sexist) headlines highlighting the fact that Mary Taylor’s female staffers spent some time at “hair and nail appointments” instead of at work.   But clearly that’s not the big story here.

Instead, it’s the point Ludlow hits in the middle of his piece: “Taylor failed to properly supervise her staff.”

It’s not big news that some LG staffers occasionally left work to get their  nails done, to care for their kids or to get their oil changed

The big news here is that Mary Taylor, Lt. Governor of Ohio and potential candidate for Ohio governor, couldn’t show up for work enough to actually know whether her only two employees were showing up for work and doing their jobs.

This isn’t an employee problem.  It’s a management problem.  And absolutely no one in Ohio should be surprised.

According to another record request we submitted last year, Mary Taylor used her access card to enter state buildings in Columbus, OH on only four days over a six month period.

We still have no clue where LG Taylor was during the other 116 working days she was supposed to be supervising her staff in Columbus, but it seems pretty clear now that she wasn’t attending staff meetings.

Prior to his IG appointment by the Kasich/Taylor Administration, Randy Meyer worked for Mary Taylor in the Auditor’s office.

You can read the full report here:  2014-CA00043.