The latest Bloomberg Politics national poll out Thursday shows just how bad Ohio Gov. John Kasich is doing in the GOP race to take on Democrats next year. The prickly chief executive from Ohio can do no better than ninth place among the 13 still-active Republican candidates for president.

Gov. Kasich, whose poor debate performances, combined with his latest proposal to create a Judeo-Christian federal agency to beam pro-Christian messages to the Islamic world, has made him the butt of national ridicule.  As a result, he is stuck at a mere three percent based on polled voters’ first and second choice for President of the United States.

Trump Trumps Kasich

The Bloomberg Politics poll shows Donald Trump [24%], Dr. Ben Carson [20%] and Marco Rubio [12%] lead the still-large field including Gov. Kasich. The poll confirms again why GOP voters this election cycle aren’t buying the experienced resume politicos like John Kasich are selling. As article author John McCormick writes, the poll “showed why establishment candidates, such as former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, favored by just 6 percent, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (4 percent) and Ohio Governor John Kasich (3 percent) are swimming upstream this election season.”

Among the Republicans and those who leaned that way, 45 percent identify themselves as “anti-establishment,” while 41 percent feel like they’re in the party’s establishment lane, McCormick writes. Among self-identified establishment Republicans, Trump leads with 25 percent to Carson’s 22 percent, with Rubio landing in third place among establishment Republicans.

PPP Confirms Kasich Low-Polling

Public Policy Polling offered its first look at the Republican Presidential race nationally in six weeks. It finds that things haven’t actually changed all that much since early October. Donald Trump leads the field with 26 percent, to 19 percent for Ben Carson. Trump and Carson were first and second on the last poll as well at 27 percent and 17 percent respectively. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were at 14 percent and 13 percent, respectively.

“No one else in the GOP field even gets more than 5%- Jeb Bush reaches that mark followed by Carly Fiorina and Mike Huckabee at 4%, Chris Christie and John Kasich at 3%, Rand Paul at 2%, Lindsey Graham and George Pataki at 1%, and Jim Gilmore, Bobby Jindal, and Rick Santorum all at less than 1%,” wrote Tom Jensen at PPP.

Kasich Called On To Drop Out

In an article titled “5 GOP candidates who should follow Jindal out the door,” contributor author to The Hill, Eddie Zipperer, says Gov. Kasich should be one of them. In addition to Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee, Zipperer tags Gov. Kasich as the 5th GOP candidate who should call it quits.

Gov. John Kasich (Ohio): Kasich was polling at about 4 percent before the Fox Business debate. After his widely panned fiasco of a performance, after which Michelle Malkin diagnosed him with “an acute case of irritable mouth syndrome,” he will likely never set foot on the main stage again,” The Hill posted.

Kasich ‘Crony Capitalism’ Hits Headlines Again

In separate news, John Kasich’s donor base again becomes the focus of a Politico article that could resuscitate troublesome allegations that the Ohio governor’s “cronyism capitalism” network is alive and well. Many of his super PAC’s biggest donors have business ties to the governor, Isaac Arnsdorf writes. “Some of the biggest donors to the super PAC supporting long-shot Republican presidential candidate John Kasich have relationships with the Ohio governor that have generated ethics complaints during his time in office,” Arnsdorf notes.

But this news is really old news. Wheeling and dealing by Kasich insiders is well known, dating back to his first run for chief executive in Ohio in 2010. Ohio media largely ignored the blatant ties between Kasich and his donor base, which includes some of Ohio’s biggest names who has faithfully made contributions over the years to Mr. Kasich’s various political campaigns.