John Kasich is flailing.

KasichMugHe is driven to be more kinetic as a gimicky attention-getter to improve his awful polls. His campaign is selling “limited edition” lapel buttons for $25 each. He is running a lottery for a free trip to Milwaukee for the next Republican debate. There are his for-profit Kasich coffee mugs. But hurry.

To his doubting right-wing hackers who scorn his support of Medicaid, he insists he’s been a conservative all of his life. He invites us to read the Bible , which he reports has a “new part” and an “old part” to define his human outreach. And, in his passion to do good for his fellow primates, he promises to buy a Bible for anyone who doesn’t have one.

Sometimes, he said on TV, “you just have to lead”. Who knew?

Heavens. I can’t imagine where he’ll take us on the home stretch clogged with Wall Street metrics, Bible verses and proud references to his blue-collar youth. And not a year too soon!

Actually there’s nothing new about a candidate who chooses to flail. Over the many years of writing about the political class, I’ve witnessed more than one trailing candidate seeking new and often ridiculous blast-offs for a desperate moon shot. Kasich is even boasting of an endorsement from Arnold Schwarznegger, the muscle man from California. That’s the state that Kasich once referred to as the home of wackadoodles.

So, Dear Readers, we must suffer our man Kasich for a while longer because, without adding a Biblical verse to his often profound insights about his alleged prospering days in Ohio:

“What is there not to like?”