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Were you able to follow Scott Scarborough’s recent State of the University address?

That was quite a performance by the University of Akron President, using his time to counter his critics who have cast him as the bull in the China shop. It went on for nearly 90 minutes with a dizzying barrage of PowerPoint figures, a new video of a supportive LeBron James, historical readings (!), warm greetings to politicians among the swollen audience of hundreds in E. J. Thomas Hall, cherry-picked quotes from projections by experts on the fate of universities, and a requisite introduction of his wife.

E,J, Thomas Hall, for Heaven’s […]

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It may be too late for federal education regulators to recall the grant from last week of $71 million that went to Ohio for charter schools. The issue going forward for two of Ohio’s congressional delegation, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown and Congressman Tim Ryan, is all about increasing accountability, transparency and community involvement in charter schools while helping to ensure a high-quality education for every child.

Sen. Brown was joined in a call to reporters on Wednesday by Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH-13) to discuss their bicameral legislation that would bring new standards of performance for nearly 400 taxpayer-funded charter […]

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It’s not often you get a news release announcing ProgressOhio and Opportunity Ohio have teamed up, but when you do, you know things have gotten pretty bad.

ProgressOhio is the state’s largest progressive advocacy organization and Opportunity Ohio is a free-market research organization.

The two have joined in asking the Auditor of State and Office of Inspector General to investigate revelations that Ohio State University employees said they faced retaliation for questioning the performance of IQ Innovations, a firm under contract with OSU for a distance learning clearing house.

The workers said the retaliation came from a top appointee at the Ohio […]

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Gov. Kasich has spent much time and many millions pitching his sweet song of budget balancing, job creation and anti-Washington rhetoric to virgin voters in New Hampshire  and beyond.

But old and new polls alike show Ohio’s term-limited, 63-year-old governor, best known for his crusty behavior and dismissive attitude, doesn’t appear to have the ear of early primary state voters. Those voters, polls show, are lining up behind other non-traditional, non-establishment candidates like Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson, the dynamic duo who continue to defy political gravity as they frustrate GOP establishment insiders with their league-leading poll numbers.

Bottom Dweller


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The GOP Crazies Are At It Again

On October 19, 2015 By

You’d think that with the whirlwind surrounding the Republican fuss over a new House Speaker that the party people would have come up with a compromise by now to get on with their golf games.

We have, however, heard of one proposal that a faction has drawn up that will not please any of the clear-headed others and for that reason could work. According to my source, a good listener at House water coolers, the plan would have alternating speakers divided equally among three groups of representatives and classified as “Crazy”, “Crazier” and “Craziest.” Each would take turns serving as […]

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This might be it, folks, Issue 3 marijuana law reform or bust.

ResponsibleOhio’s Issue 3 proposal for a constitutional amendment to legalize medical and recreational marijuana sales in Ohio won a major endorsement last week from a pro-medical marijuana group that has been attempting to get its own proposal to the Ohio ballot since 2013.

The Ohio Rights Group has thrown its support behind ResponsibleOhio’s Issue 3 proposal, saying that while the group was initially resistant to the amendment, after meetings and negotiation, the ORG now feels Issue 3 is the state’s best shot to reform marijuana laws for […]

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The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS] released Ohio employment data for September 2015 Friday. The data, according to a leading Ohio-based economic analyst, “are highly disappointing and alarming once again.”

As Ohio’s governor runs to be the Republican nominee for president next year, touting he can do for the nation what he’s done for Ohio, the numbers he’s posted on Ohio’s scoreboard appear to make the case that he’s fantasy talking given his record to date.

George Zeller, arguably Ohio’s top number cruncher par excellence, reported from Cleveland that […]

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Floundering in national and state polls, Ohio’s prickly governor, who promises to run over anyone who gets in his way, delivered another one of his big idea speeches Thursday in New Hampshire.

Reading from prepared remarks, a new twist for the off-the-cuff political preacher, John Kasich offered a hodgepodge of leftover ideas we have all heard before.

In national Republican polls, Mr. Kasich is stuck at two percent as voters rally around other candidates, like Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, who have never been elected to any public office and see their outsider status as solid selling points. […]

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Franklin County Common Pleas Court [FCCPC] Administrative Judge Patrick E. Sheeran, a Republican, could blow a big hole in the presidential campaign of Ohio Gov. John Kasich if he decides that the Ohio Elections Commission [OEC] erred when it voted 5-2 in May to dismiss a complaint lodged against Camp Kasich by the Libertarian Party of Ohio [LPO].

If Judge Sheeran were to seek truth and justice and not fear GOP pressure to dismiss it because of the damage it would do to Mr. Kasich, the millions already spent in New Hampshire just might go up in smoke should […]

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It’s basic Kasich to braid Bible babble with his long-held but misguided notions of public policy that sees government as an original sinner in need of the kind of reformation only he can deliver.

Ohio’s 69th governor has generally gotten away with invoking the Lord as a weapon to bludgeon others whose interpretation of Christian faith informs them differently. Some critics, though, haven’t been afraid to stand up to the prickly public CEO.

While born-again John Kasich behaves like a political evangelist on the level of Billy Sunday, some of the faithful don’t see him as their savior, […]

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Last night’s first Democratic primary debate gave us the first look at the candidates vying for an opportunity to take on a Republican from the shit show that has been the GOP primary debates.

The first thing that struck me was the tone.  Martin O’Malley, though entering a fringe player and probably remaining so, was precisely right in his closing statement when he made the point about the tone of the debate.  It was refreshing after having to endure the GOP debate reality TV series.  OK.  OK.  I didn’t have to watch them!

Having finally gotten a look at the […]

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