From the daily archives: Friday, October 30, 2015

Nina Turner’s hair is on fire. That’s an urgency metaphor.

She set the room on fire at the Athens County Democratic Party fall dinner Thursday night. That’s a metaphor about her ability to transfer her sense of political urgency and energy onto an audience.

As engagement chair for the Ohio Democratic Party, former state Sen. Turner is nothing if not engaging. I’ve covered these things for over a decade and while it wasn’t the first standing ovation I’ve seen, it was the first time I’ve heard party regulars unleash yelps, hoots and hollers of approval.

Why is Nina Turner so fired […]

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The free-for-all Wednesday night in Boulder, Colorado, also known as the third Republican presidential debate, soon turned into a cage match the ten White House hopefuls on stage didn’t want.  The same can not be said for the Media and viewers who tuned in instead of watching the second game of the World Series.

Every candidate had something to achieve. Jeb Bush needed to show his donor base he was worth their investment. Dr. Ben Carson had to show his new lead in recent polls is real. Donald Trump, now second in some polls, needed to again dominate the pack, just like […]

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