Reporters heard first-hand Tuesday of one women’s emotional account of why she had to go to Chicago to terminate her pregnancy upon learning from medical professionals her baby would not live, and how Ohio abortion laws forced her to undertake the trip.

Batsheva Guy, who appeared today in Columbus through interactions with event organizers ProgressOhio and MajorityOhio through Facebook, said she and her husband were happy to be would-be first-time parents. But at 22 weeks gestation, doctors said to Guy that her baby would not live.

As a consequence of Ohio’s increasingly draconian abortion laws—passed by a Republican-dominated legislature and signed by Gov. John Kasich, who happens to be running for president—forced her to endure potentially harmful delays and spend thousands of dollars to travel out of state, eventually to Chicago, for a constitutionally protected medical procedure she couldn’t have done in Ohio.

Guy’s hope is her story will help other women in similar circumstances and will convince Ohio lawmakers to re-consider a bill that would outlaw all abortions after 20 weeks. Guy was joined today by Jaimie Miracle, Deputy Director, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio and Cliff Schecter, President and CEO, Majority Ohio.