From the daily archives: Wednesday, October 28, 2015

“John Kasich said what many people have been thinking – enough is enough. It’s time for real, serious leadership in the race for President,” Gov. Kasich’s chief campaign strategist John Weaver told Camp Kasich supporters Wednesday. “Americans deserve more than what they’re getting from the so-called ‘front-runners.’ Leading the most powerful nation the world has ever seen is a sacred trust – not a reality TV show. Tonight in Boulder you’ll hear this message from John Kasich.”

On Tuesday afternoon in central Ohio, at another staged Kasich campaign event designed to grab headlines for the career politician to distinguish himself […]

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First it was “clown car,” the colorful, circus metaphor that aptly described the 17 or so Republicans running for president that included Ohio Gov John Kasich.

The GOP field has narrowed a bit over the months, with the departure of Rick Perry of Texas and Scott Walker of Wisconsin, as outsiders like Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson out-distance veteran career politicos like Kasich and Jeb! Bush, among others.

Not Good: Dems Like Kasich

What could be more distressing for Gov. Kasich is that he leads the poll of who Democrats would support for the Republican nomination, Public Policy […]

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