You have to hand it to Fox News. It will always find a way to bring home the bacon.

In this instance, it’s really bacon. Rushing to shield the bacon and red meat industry from a report by the World Health Organization that these things aren’t that good for you, Dana Perino, Dubya’s former White House Press secretary, led her colleagues as co-host of “The Five” on a rip-roaring laugh-in as several chomped on bacon strips. Ha. Ha.

Perino is such a climate-change denier that she maintained the WHO report was a sinister plot to link global warming to consumption of animal meat. Ha. Ha. More crackling sounds of bacon-chomping as her fun-filled teammates literally rolled off their chairs. Ha. Ha.

As Media Matters reported, Perino explained the conspiracy: “Climate change. Global warming. This is all – there’s a big push against any sort of animal consumption.” Ha. Ha.

For such Fox-inspired nonsense, Dana may find more pork in her next paycheck. And that’s no joke.