The word of the day Wednesday from was Kakistocracy. Defined as “government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power,” the elected officials of the Republican Party, in both Ohio and Washington, stand as good examples of that word in practice today.

Kakistocracy was on display Thursday in the special committee on Benghazi. Majority House Republicans—with special honors going to Ohio Congressman and former state wrestling champion Jim Jordan—did their best, or worst depending on their political persuasion and sense of decency, to dismember Hillary Clinton as the nation watched.

In the aftermath of their embarrassing display of meanness and over-the-top partisanship, Mrs. Clinton emerged nearly 11 hours later, after a tireless, repetitive barrage of prosecutorial questions, still standing and untouched.

Congressman Jordan showed his political distemper and angry attitude when he tried on multiple occasions to produce a “smoking gun” moment that would topple Mrs. Clinton from her perch as the leading Democrat favored to win her party’s nomination and the nation’s approval for President of the United States next year.

And what did Gov. Kasich have to say about the political charade that included 300 questions, that served to show why Republicans have broken Washington since Barack Obama was first elected president in 2008?

“I think it’s fair and good that they’re looking into this, and we’ll see what comes out of the process,” Ohio’s prickly leader said, according to one report. “I think it’s important that the committee do its job and take a look at this whole thing. I mean we have people who died over there and the question is did somebody not do their job. It’s important we hold people accountable.”

It’s high irony indeed for Gov. Kasich to call for people to be held accountable, when he let the husband of his campaign manager and former chief of staff resign quietly to live in the shadows after David Hansen falsified charter school data is laughable and disappointing.

Gov. Kasich has fought to keep all his scandals under the coverage of darkness, and for him to champion the committee and call performances of the kind delivered by Jordan and others “fair and good” is yet another light that illuminates why he would be a terrible president, should that miracle ever occur, which according to new polling is like a Star Wars galaxy, far, far away.

Kasich & Ryan, Two Faces On The Same Coin

The free-fall in the GOP-dominated House might end if the only parachute that can stop them hurtling to earth deploys in a vote for a new House speaker. That human parachute, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, who ran as Mitt Romney’s pick for vice president in 2012, steps up to the plate to accept the calling if certain conditions are met.

Paul Ryan’s face would show up on the same coin that features John Kasich’s face. Ryan, who could be the new speaker by the end of today, touts his “Path to Prosperity” plan that sounds good in theory, much like Gov. Kasich’s plan to balance the federal budget in eight years, but would be disastrous in practice if it happened. Gov. Kasich would find it hard to distinguish his campaign for president this year against the Romney-Ryan ticket nearly four years ago. Ryan and Kasich want to privatize Social Security and turn Medicare into a voucher program that would force seniors to pay more for what they are guaranteed now.

One economist, Dean Baker, Co-Director of The Center for Economic and Policy Research, said about Ryan’s fiscal plans, “…we would all like to think a person in this position understands the ins and outs of the federal budget. But instead of telling us about how much Ryan knows about the budget (an issue on which reporters actually don’t have insight), how about telling us what Ryan says about the budget?”

In “Paul Ryan Wants to Shut Down the Government, Permanently,” Baker writes, “It is possible to say things about what Ryan says, since he has said a lot on this topic and some of it is very clear. In addition to wanting to privatize both Social Security and Medicare, Ryan has indicated that he essentially wants to shut down the federal government in the sense of taking away all of the money for the non-military portion of the budget. This fact is one that is easy to find if a reporter is willing to do five minutes of research.”

Baker says, “So what percent of people in this country know that the next Speaker of the House would like to permanently shut down most of the government? What percent even of elite educated policy types even know this fact? My guess is almost no one, we just know he is a policy wonk.”

On his bus rolling through the autumn scenery in New Hampshire, Mr. Kasich is tilting at windmills again as he preachers about a balanced budget, the virtues of which are few to none while the liability is great. Kasich didn’t carve up state government and return it to Ohio’s 88 counties because he did just the opposite. He stole local government and school funding, to the tune of billions, and spent it on income tax cuts for the wealthiest who don’t need them and deposited the rest in the state’s emergency fund so he could claim he took Ohio from billions in the hole to billions in surplus. Any reporter worth their salt can easily find why what Gov. Kasich says and what he does are two different things.

Is kakistocracy a synonym for Kasichocracy?