From the daily archives: Monday, October 19, 2015

The GOP Crazies Are At It Again

On October 19, 2015 By

You’d think that with the whirlwind surrounding the Republican fuss over a new House Speaker that the party people would have come up with a compromise by now to get on with their golf games.

We have, however, heard of one proposal that a faction has drawn up that will not please any of the clear-headed others and for that reason could work. According to my source, a good listener at House water coolers, the plan would have alternating speakers divided equally among three groups of representatives and classified as “Crazy”, “Crazier” and “Craziest.” Each would take turns serving as […]

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This might be it, folks, Issue 3 marijuana law reform or bust.

ResponsibleOhio’s Issue 3 proposal for a constitutional amendment to legalize medical and recreational marijuana sales in Ohio won a major endorsement last week from a pro-medical marijuana group that has been attempting to get its own proposal to the Ohio ballot since 2013.

The Ohio Rights Group has thrown its support behind ResponsibleOhio’s Issue 3 proposal, saying that while the group was initially resistant to the amendment, after meetings and negotiation, the ORG now feels Issue 3 is the state’s best shot to reform marijuana laws for […]

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