From the daily archives: Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It’s basic Kasich to braid Bible babble with his long-held but misguided notions of public policy that sees government as an original sinner in need of the kind of reformation only he can deliver.

Ohio’s 69th governor has generally gotten away with invoking the Lord as a weapon to bludgeon others whose interpretation of Christian faith informs them differently. Some critics, though, haven’t been afraid to stand up to the prickly public CEO.

While born-again John Kasich behaves like a political evangelist on the level of Billy Sunday, some of the faithful don’t see him as their savior, […]

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Last night’s first Democratic primary debate gave us the first look at the candidates vying for an opportunity to take on a Republican from the shit show that has been the GOP primary debates.

The first thing that struck me was the tone.  Martin O’Malley, though entering a fringe player and probably remaining so, was precisely right in his closing statement when he made the point about the tone of the debate.  It was refreshing after having to endure the GOP debate reality TV series.  OK.  OK.  I didn’t have to watch them!

Having finally gotten a look at the […]

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