10 years ago today at 3:29am, in an apparent bout of insomnia, I posted for the first time on a blog with a silly name that would come to mean more to Ohio politics than I could have ever imagined.

Back then it seemed like almost everyone with a political opinion had a blog and jumping into the fray seemed like a good idea at the time.  My feelings for George W. Bush and his then 2 year war in Iraq along with the general feeling of unease for the political direction of the country were the main motivations.  I also felt like my family might like me to have a different outlet than yelling at the television all the time.  Looking back, I could not have imagined the current crop of GOP candidates vying for the highest office in the land.  It did indeed get worse.

Many will remember the main use for the blog back when it started was to support the Reform Ohio Now amendments (RON).  Over the years the writing would be a mix of political opinion, my personal campaign activity, and lots of “inside baseball” blog back and forth.  Lots of fun, ranting, and creative post titles.

Things didn’t take off until other contributors joined and the thing just went nuts after that.  Taking on a life of its own in the truest sense of the phrase.

So here we are 10 years later.  Much has changed.  We elected the first African American POTUS and successfully re-elected him.  The fight for marriage equality was finally won – something I would have bet you good money wouldn’t have happened within ten years back then.  We fought the good fight against SB5 in Ohio, but continue to struggle to break the gerrymandered stranglehold the GOP has on the statehouse.

Nationally, what made me start this thing in the first place is back with a vengeance with the current lineup of GOP presidential candidates.  Many of them, including Kasich, are blustering around about no fly zones and irresponsibly blabbering about with macho feel-good phrases hinting at potential war with Russia.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  It was always my philosophy here that we need to remain vigilant and give no quarter to those who would endanger our democracy.

That tells me we need this space and these contributors more than ever.

I’m incredibly proud of what this little blog project has become.  I’m humbled by what I continue to read here and the impact on Ohio and national politics I’ve witnessed.  Thanks to everyone who has written, read, shared a link, liked on Facebook, tweeted, or otherwise recognized and supported what is done here.  We’ll be celebrating this milestone soon.  Watch this space.

Long Live PB!