From the daily archives: Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It’s time to circle the wagons, folks. No doubt about it, public education is under attack. So it’s heartening to see advocates standing up, speaking out, and organizing a summit to rally the troops for the long battle ahead.

Last week I was invited by Public Education Partners’ Jeanne Melvin to a summit in Dublin, Ohio, on Oct. 17 titled, “Public Education Matters.” The event will be a statewide conference for parents, teachers and any other Ohioan who is concerned about issues impacting schools.

Participants will learn ways they can advocate for kids and schools, an event invitation […]

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Words, words, words. So many to use, even some to weaponize.

Our language gives us countless words to choose from in everyday communication. In navigating the universe of words and how we use them, we know there are some words that provoke, some that confuse, and certainly others to avoid.

According to at least one source on the subject, there are at least a million words in the English language. But whether we accept that figure – or a much lower number as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, we also know there are many words that shouldn’t be […]

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When Gov. Kasich finally settles down in Ohio from his adopted residence in New Hampshire – political decency will require it, folks – he will be forced to face an unspeakable charter school scandal with Team Kasich’s fingerprints all over it.

The latest ugly chapter was well recorded by reporter Doug Livingston in today’s Beacon Journal. It was prompted by a $71 million U.S. Department of Education grant to the failed Ohio charter school system. But it now appears the reviews of such national grants were submitted by the very same school choice hucksters who have a reputation of eliminating […]

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For everybody who watched John Kasich’s campaigns for governor in 2010 and again last year, his second campaign for president is nearly an exact copy.

Ohio’s conservative, hard-right leader whose prickly personality is legend has relied on treating state and now national media like chumps. Reporters and pundits, be they big or small, apparently aren’t clever enough to fact-check his record, choosing instead to believe his political evangelism about hope and inspiration that rings sour on nearly every note as one blocked reporter can attest to.

For all of Gov. Kasich’s bravado and confident quackery, he finds […]

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