We long ago began assuming that when Ohio’s Republican leadership is speaking, they aren’t telling the truth. But it’s truly becoming harder and harder to believe that they know any actual details regarding anything they are talking about.  And the more Kasich, Niehaus, Batchelder, etc. talk in public, the more we are starting to think that they literally DO NOT KNOW what changes (or not) Senate Bill 5 or Issue 2 contain.  In all seriousness, no collective group of individuals can be so ignorant, right?  It has become really easy to believe that not a single YES voter from the legislature has independently read Senate Bill 5 from front to back.  They are unaware that when the text is underlined, that means it is new language inserted into law, and words that have been crossed out are parts of the previous law that are being removed.  Frightfully, Shannon Jones, the “architect” of Senate Bill 5, is a frequent example.

The latest case in point is a video of Senator Jones talking about the language in Senate Bill 5 that deals with the negotiation of working conditions.  The origin of this interview with Senator Jones is quite ironic in its own right.  A few weeks ago, when Ed Schultz came to central Ohio and featured Columbus Firefighter Jack Reall on The Ed Show, they had a secret admirer tagging along.  A radical right-wing blogger and amateur filmmaker, Chris Hartsock, was secretly videotaping Reall as he spoke to a crowd, then ambushed Ed Schultz after the show in an impromptu interview in which he tried to contradict the statements Reall made both before and during the show.  In addition to calling a heroic firefighter a liar, this radical also tracked down Senator Jones at the Columbus Convention Center for the interview seen in the video.  His intent was to use her as his so-called expert on the language of the bill in an attempt to discredit the two men.

As you’ll see in our extended version of the amateur filmmaker’s interview with Jones, her responses merely served to confirm that which we already knew: Shannon Jones is ignorant of the content of her very own bill.


This video contains extended footage of Shannon Jones. Watch at your own risk.

Final note:  Jones speaks for nearly a minute at the beginning of the video — it was important to allow her to fully state her erroneous point.

Senator Jones, before you vote on November 8, read the bill (RIF).  And don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Then vote NO on Issue 2!