A couple of weeks ago we posted about some mailings that were coming into Ohio from Alliance for America’s Future, a “Virginia-based group that supports Republican candidates and conservative causes” [Politifact]. If they weren’t so disturbing, it would be easy to laugh at the absurdity of these out-of-state viewpoints.  In a mailing we obtained today, the group targets teachers and touts the implementation of the Senate Bill 5-mandated performance-pay system as the reason for voters to favor the Issue.  Their lead sentence exclaims that Issue 2 “FINALLY Allows Great Teachers to be Rewarded…”

Aside from the obvious fact that I don’t send my sons to school with ties, it’s a quaint little mailing.  And yes, finally performance pay can be implemented, seniority will be de-emphasized, the old salary-schedule model will be phased out.

Of course, as those in Ohio already know, those items they are claiming in their argument in favor of Issue 2 are already in place as a result of House Bill 153, Ohio’s budget bill, that included these measures as safeguards against SB5’s repeal.  HB153 was signed into law by Governor Kasich on June 30 of this year.

The items on this mailing?  Wholly irrelevant and misleading (shocking, I know).  Regardless of the outcome of the Issue 2 vote on November 8, the items this group is trying to tout are ALREADY IN OHIO LAW!

The creators of this postcard exclaim FINALLY about these reforms, clearly demonstrating their ignorance about the real battle against Issue 2 that is taking place in Ohio.  The Pro-Issue 2 front groups are once again trying to exercise deceptive advertising practices in an effort to sway voters.  They don’t care that these items are non-factors in the vote against Issue 2 because they are merely hired henchman brought in to pass this measure.  Don’t be fooled and don’t allow others to be fooled by this Republican front group’s swindle.  As has been said before, if Issue 2 only dealt with the items the Issue 2 supporters are putting in their ads, we would have had a 4 page bill that wouldn’t likely be on a referendum.  Instead, Senate Bill 5 is 304 pages long and full of changes that eliminate collective bargaining ads for public employees, create unsafe working conditions for both employees and the public at large, and unfairly blame middle class public employees for the economic downturn.

Finally, if the argument in favor of this issue was so strong in Ohio, why would the Pro-SB5 side need help from a company in Virginia?

Vote NO on Issue 2!