I have to admit I was pretty confused when I read that one of Kasich’s Inaugural events was a “Salute to Ohio’s next First Lady, Karen Kasich”. What could this possibly entail? A celebration of ‘staying fit’ and ‘little decisions’?

I’m still not clear of the purpose of this ‘salute’, but I did just read that money from the even will be donated to some very surprising sources: Second Harvest Foodbanks and Local Matters.

While neither of these organizations is political in nature, they are both organizations whose missions aren’t really thought of as jibing with the typical Republican mentality.

Not only does the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks help provide food, resources and guidance to people in need – they also are in large-part funded by (gasp!) State dollars ($17 million per year over the last State biennium).

This is the same organization to which Governor Strickland donated $300,000 of leftover inaugural money back in 2007.

And Local Matters? Their mission is “to transform the food system to be more secure, prosperous, just and delicious!” because they believe “the choice to grow and to consume local food has the power to affect social, economic and environmental change in our community.”

Local food as a catalyst for social change in our communities. Not exactly something you’re going to find as a plank in the next Republican Party Platform.

Sure, I know that a few extra bucks from Karen Kasich won’t save Ohio’s most vulnerable residents from John Kasich’s cuts in services and it won’t save our natural resources and environment from the oil and factory farm executives John just appointed to the ODNR and EPA.

But it’s nice to know that there might be at least one reasonable voice at the Kasich’s dinner table.