From the News-Herald:

Grendell added “We’re also discussing the idea of combining the Department of Public Service and Ohio Highway patrol and maybe consolidating some county offices. Why have a county treasurer and county auditor, why a county clerk of courts and recorder keeping records?”

First, the Ohio Highway Patrol already is a part of the Department of Public Safety.  It says so in the Ohio Revised Code.  As a lawyer and current chair of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, you’d think Grendell would have known that.

After all, Grendell held confirmation hearings involving the then-Director of Public Safety being potentially involved in an Ohio Highway Patrol investigation.  It kind of dominated the news for half a year.  I guess he was too preoccupied trying to figure out how to use the hearings to help get Kasich elected.

As for consolidating those county offices, it won’t save much money.  Sure, you’ll eliminate the overhead of one elected official and maybe a couple of managers.  But the reality is that these county offices don’t duplicate services.  Therefore, consolidation doesn’t really lower the level of staffing needed to provide the same services.  So, I can’t imagine eliminating the position of Clerk of Courts and Recorder, for example do much good.

And there’s a reason why you want someone different to audit the books another person keeps.  I don’t think I really need to go any further than that, right?

But, if Grendell is advocating consolidating the functions of the treasurer and auditor at the county level, then why not the State as well?

You could actually make a stronger argument because both offices have multiple state offices which serve largely public relation functions.  There could be real savings to be had.

I hope the Senate takes up Grendell’s cause and votes to either eliminate Republican State Auditor-elect David Yost or Republican State Treasurer-elect Josh Mandel!  Good thinkin’ there, Timmy.

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