Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Eric Brown, who was defeated by Republican Justice Maureen O’Connor, was appointed today to the Franklin County Municipal Court by outgoing Governor Ted Strickland.  He was one of 11 judicial appointments made by Governor Strickland. 

One of which is for Montgomery County Common Pleas Court to replace Judge AJ Wagner.  Except today, just as the announcement was made, Judge Wagner sent a fax to the Chief Justice and Governor Strickland rescinding his resignation.  According to the Dayton Daily News, Judge Wagner’s sole reason for rescinding his resignation was because the person Strickland appointed was going to replace one person on the judge’s staff (it’s not unusual for a new judge to make some personnel changes, such as his administrative assistant or bailiff.)

“There was no other reason for me to retire at this time,” Wagner said in a letter faxed to Brown. “the person who has been appointed to replace me has informed me he will not keep one of my staff members. Therefore, I am rescinding my resignation effective immediately.”

Wagner said he would be returning all presents and reimbursing the court for the farewell party held in his courtroom on Tuesday.

(Who the heck is this one individual that it would actually affect a judge’s plan to retire?!?)

Alan Schriber has been the chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio for the past twelve years and retired affective yesterday.   Governor Strickland appointed Steve Lesser, to replace Schriber as chairman.

Appointed to the commission by Governor Strickland in 2010, Lesser served in many capacities at PUCO, most recently as chief of staff, and was instrumental in developing policy positions on legal and regulatory issues. In addition, he played a critical role in the implementation of the administration’s landmark energy and electricity reform bill.

Chairman Lesser serves as chair at the pleasure of the governor; if a new chairman is appointed by the governor-elect, Lesser will remain a commissioner.

Strickland also made appointments for interim directors of Public Safety, Veteran Services, and Adjutant General to serve during this time period in when Strickland officials who have already resigned, and the people Kasich has already announced to appoint to replace them.

Kasich can replace Lesser, but Lesser stays on the Commission if he does.