Governor-elect John Kasich has just announced that he’s appointing Scott Nally as the head of the Ohio EPA.   Nally is currently the Assistant Commission of the Office of External Affairs for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.  So, John Kasich couldn’t find anyone, apparently, qualified for the job in Ohio?

What does the Office of External Affairs do?

The mission of the Office of External Affairs is to provide support activities and necessary oversight to help other IDEM offices accomplish their objectives. The Office of External Affairs’ programs include Human Resources, Information Technology, Budget, Policy and Public information.

In other words, it’s strictly an administrative/public relations office.  It has no regulation writing or enforcement duties.

Before that, Mr. Nally was the regional environmental manager for Perdue Farms, Incorporated.  In other words, he was responsible for getting Perdue’s megafarms’ operations approved by the State’s environmental agency before he went to work for them.

Kasich also nominated to run the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, David Mustine, formerly a VP at American Electric Power.  Specifically, Mustine was the Senior Vice President-European Development for AEP.  During his time at AEP, Mustine also served as a lobbyist to the State for AEP.

Now, according to the Columbus Dispatch, Mustine works for Terraseis Group of Companies, “an oil and gas service business based in Dubai.” 

So we have a former Ohio utility lobbyist/Dubai oil & gas man in charge of ODNR and a guy who handed state regulators on behalf of megafarming operations in Indiana in charge of the Ohio EPA.

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