Jesus Christ, on a cracker, I just thought it was a bad optic to have an oil and gas industry executive to head ODNR.  But according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, it’s why Kasich is appointing Mustine:

"He’s a businessman. He understands the various issues on developing resources and being able to think outside of the box," Kasich said.

Kasich indicated that he’s open to the idea of drilling for oil and gas under state parkland – an idea that has been kicked around by Republican lawmakers in the last few legislative cycles but never fully adopted.

"We need to scour Ohio for natural resource opportunities we haven’t thought about that we need to be thinking about," Kasich said.

Anyone remember hearing THIS during the campaign?  Wasn’t this the same John Kasich who said he opposed the construction of off-shore wind farms on Lake Erie because he (incorrectly) thought it might hurt the non-endangered fish there?

Kasich only signaled some hesitation to the concept of drilling Lake Erie, something else Republicans have been pushing to do some time (to overturn an executive order protecting Lake Erie issued by Governor Taft.)  Before the election, when letters from then-State Rep. John Kasich surfaced from the 1970s showing Kasich supported drilling in Lake Erie, the Kasich campaign said that Kasich supported the federal ban on drilling and would fight efforts to drill in Lake Erie as governor.

It’s a simple question: will Kasich veto the legislation passed by his Republican brethren to start drilling Lake Erie?  We all know the Republicans who support ending the ban have the votes to pass legislation unimpeded save a veto.

Kasich promised during the election an executive order to protect Lake Erie from drilling.  Period. 

Today, he said:

However, the governor-to-be sounded a lot more cautious when asked about possible oil and gas drilling in Lake Erie, where drilling currently occurs only on the Canadian side of the lake.

"When it comes to Lake Erie, we are going to be extremely careful," he said. "We don’t want to do anything to disrupt that crown jewel for our state."

That’s not exactly the same thing.  It sounds much weaker.  Looks like Kasich’s true colors are starting to show. 

Holy frack!

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