From the daily archives: Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Roll Call apparently got a list generated by the DCCC of the 52 Republicans who were elected with 55% or less of the vote in districts that were won by Obama in 2008.

Of those, Steve Chabot and Steve Stivers are the only Ohioans who made the made the list.  The Democrats only need to net 23 seats in 2012 to regain the majority in 2012.

What’s probably a surprise is that the DCCC would have a target list so early in the 2012 cycle when the districts are about to change anyways.  Believe me, if I were […]

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Caption Contest

On December 28, 2010 By

No prize, but pride.

I saw this on our Twitter feed.  I think it deserves a Caption Contest.  Submit and/or vote for your favorite caption.

My submission: “Governor-elect Kasich demonstrates where he’ll take the State the next four years… downhill fast with him laughing all the way.”

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Seriously, is the Columbus Dispatch’s editorial board high?  Today, the Dispatch is crying over the plight of health insurers due to the health care reform law.

And what mandates does the Dispatch complain about?

The federal government’s regulators will investigate any health insurance premium increase above 10% for “reasonableness” to examine if there is a legitimate underwriting basis for the increase and that the insurance companies aren’t just engaged in price gouging to drive up their profit margins. Health insurers must spend 80% of the amount they collect in premiums on health care benefits, leaving only 20% for […]

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