From the daily archives: Monday, December 27, 2010

You’ll have to excuse me as I slowly work my way back to blogging after a wonderful but hectic Christmas weekend with my kids and family. There are tons of stories to be covered but I’m nursing one hell of a cold right now so I’m going to briefly touch on one other story from last week then take two more cold pills and crash.

In case you missed it, The Ohio Supreme Court finally made a ruling on Governor Strickland’s use of the tobacco settlement money, just in time for John Kasich to take advantage of the […]

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Boy, how did we miss this story?

At the beginning of this month, Congressman-elect Bill Johnson announced in a trumpeting press release that he was refusing to accept Congressional health care benefits in protest of President Obama’s health care insurance reform law.

Ironically, Governor Ted Strickland, who used to serve in the same district as Johnson will, refused to accept congressional health care benefits until all of his constituents had access to the kind of choices in plans and benefits as he did.  In other words, where Strickland refused to accept health care until there was a universal […]

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Welcome back.

Over the weekend, we saw a number of editorials that addressed the Ohio Senate’s unprecedented decision to reject nearly 80 pending gubernatorial appointees for no other reason than partisan politics.

So… how’d that go over?

Well, on Sunday, the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Akron Beacon Journal condemned it.

The Plain Dealer (which endorsed Kasich):

First and foremost, there was no earthly reason, beyond political peevishness, for Republicans to reject all seven of Strickland’s excellent appointments to Ohio’s new Casino Control Commission. If there was a shred of evidence that any of […]

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