From the daily archives: Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Columbus City Council has narrowed the list of applicants for City Council from 49 down to 18.

And it’s still a very solid list.

State Rep. Dan Stewart is still in the running, as is former council member and current State Treasurer Kevin Boyce and the highly qualified Kimber Perfect.

Another pleasant surprise: Greg Schultz made it to the top 18.

Here’s the full list of people who made it to the next round.

Kevin L. Boyce
Anthony J. Celebrezze III
Stefanie Lynn Coe
Michael Wayne Daniels
Fran E. Dennis

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Here’s the list of the Ohio Republicans in Congress who actually voted against the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act (commonly referred to as the “9/11 Responders Health Care Bill”) that passed the Senate and House today after supporters were able to work out a compromise with Senate Republicans to assure its passage:

Jordan (so much for that Senate run in ‘12) LaTourette Latta; and Schmidt (of course… full disclosure, I’m presently counsel in a pending legal case in which Congresswoman Schmidt is the opposing party.)

No word from Satan as to where the special place in […]

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Obama told the Advocate today he wants to repeal DOMA next.

I find myself suddenly liking Joe Lieberman and Harry Reid more… It’s an odd, unfamiliar feeling.

Where was this Senate a year ago?  Since the election, we got DADT repealed, START treaty ratified, resolved a stalemate over taxes and unemployment benefits, nearly got the Senate to vote on the DREAM Act, 9/11 responders health care bill passes, countless judicial appointments finally confirmed….

Hell, I almost expect them to pass the public option this week.

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WKYC in Cleveland has the story:

— State Sen. Tim Grendell (R-18) says Gov. Ted Strickland has "uninvited" him to a bill signing in Columbus Thursday. Strickland says that’s simply not true. Both accuse each other of playing personal politics.

Grendell said that, "While I was honored to be a lead joint-sponsor with (state) Senator Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) on SB 235 (the Human Trafficking Bill), who invited me to the signing of the Human Trafficking Bill by Governor Strickland tomorrow morning, I was informed by Governor Strickland’s staff that I was uninvited."

"It is simply […]

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Three days after the election I made my first Kasich Prediction:

John Kasich will announce that he will not move his family into the Governor’s Residence in Bexley.

He’ll claim it’s because he doesn’t want his daughters to have to leave their private … school.

And how accurate was I?

According to the Dispatch

Gov.-elect John Kasich announced last night that he will not move his family into the Governor’s Residence in Bexley.

A key factor in deciding to stay put, Kasich said, is that it is closer to his twin 10-year-old daughters’ school… […]

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I just wanted to point out one more thing about the Casino Commission appointees that the Republican State Senators tossed out yesterday…

Over three months ago – on October 18th – the Plain Dealer did something it has rarely done in the past four years: published a positive editorial about Governor Ted Strickland.

The piece was titled First-rate choices for Ohio casino panel and it started like this:

Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland has made excellent appointments to the new Ohio Casino Control Commission, and — in a strong signal of constructive bipartisanship — chose a widely respected […]

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This morning, the Ohio Supreme Court issued an unanimous decision in Tobacco Use Prevention & Control Foundation Board of Trustees v. Kevin Bouce, Treasurer of the State of Ohio, 2010-Ohio-6207.  At issue was a suit by the trustees of Ohio’s anti-smoking programs that were funded by a massive settlement between the States and the tobacco companies in 1998.  The legislature had enacted a law dismantling the organization after it attempted to transfer all of its assets to a D.C.-based entity to prevent the legislature from using the funds to fund Third Frontier, and later, Governor Strickland’s programs to […]

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In a recent interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Governor Strickland noted that he felt he never got the credit and support he deserved from Northeast Ohio, especially from the “local  media” (i.e.—the Plain Dealer):

"Maybe it is because I’m from Appalachia," the Scioto County-born Strickland told The Plain Dealer. "I think they always considered me a hayseed, someone who couldn’t possibly understand or be sophisticated enough to understand what life is like in the city."

This, of course, leads to a predictable editorial by the Cleveland Plain Dealer that proves him absolutely correct:

Governor, […]

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