Hannah News Report has just sent out a news alert that the Senate Rules Committee is recommending 78 Strickland appointees be rejected by the State Senate:

“Among them are recently named members of the Board of Directors of the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Board of Regents, State Board of Education, Third Frontier Commission, and, as expected, the Ohio Casino Control Commission.”

We’re being told that the Senate is planning to reject any appointment Strickland made in December, claiming that they “hadn’t had time” to review them.  However, in 2006, the Senate had no problem approving several of Taft’s appointees, including several made in December.

In fact, the Senate did not reject a single Taft nominee after Strickland won the 2006 gubernatorial election.  The Senate has gone five months without holding a voting session.  Allowing  300 Strickland Administration to pile up in the process.

Again, as far as we know, the only reason the Senate is rejecting these appointments is because they are Republicans and these appointments were made by a Democratic Governor.  There is nothing to beyond that. 

The law that the Republican-controlled State Senate passed said there is supposed to be an Ohio Casino Commission already in place by now.  By rejecting these appointments, which the Republican Senate mandated Governor Strickland to make by now, the State is delayed in implementing its rules and regulations governing the new casinos that are set to begin construction. 

This is the worst abuse of the Senate “advise and consent” powers given to it in the State constitution I could ever imagine.  Worse than anything we’ve seen in Ohio before or even in Congress.

Yesterday, Senate Minority Leader Cafaro urged the Republican majority to think of the Senate’s institutional reputation:

“Many of Governor Ted Strickland’s pending appointments to boards and commissions have been languishing for months in the Ohio Senate.  Now, in the waning days of the 128th General Assembly, it appears likely that some of these highly qualified appointees will be rejected because the Governor-elect wants the power to make appointments even before taking the oath of office. 

“The Senate confirmed nearly 200 appointments made by outgoing Governor Bob Taft during lame duck session in 2006 without regard to the wishes of then Governor-elect Ted Strickland.  The last minute confirmations included key appointments to the State Board of Education and the Third Frontier Commission. 

“I am deeply troubled that the Ohio Senate is prepared to reject Ohioans who have served this state with honor and distinction.  We must do all we can to maintain public trust through an appointment process that is based on qualifications and experience, not partisan politics and chicanery.”

Again, the same Bill Harris had no problems letting Bob Taft make appointments that would outlast his Administration in the very same agencies today is rejecting under specious partisan arguments.