One person who deserves special attention in today’s “Christmas Week Massacre” is Secretary of State-elect Jon Husted.  Husted ran on a campaign promising to cast “aside partisanship” and seeking to utilize rules and laws to resolve disagreements.

Apparently, that offer only begins on January 9th when he takes office.  Jon Husted sits on the Senate Rules Committee.  He had an opportunity to demonstrate his commitment to casting aside partisanship, to encourage his colleagues to adhere to the rules and laws that apply to the Senate’s limited advise and consent powers and to discourage them from abusing them for partisan gang.

He had that opportunity, and he passed it up.  Instead, Husted opted to toe the party line and voted with his Republican colleagues to rejected an unprecedented 78 political appointees for no other reason than partisan politics.

This is an inauspicious beginning to Secretary of State-elect Husted’s tenure.  This after Husted was virtually invisible as House Democrats attempted to pass his Apportionment Board reform before it adjourned as well.

The fact that the next Secretary of State would willingly engage in such a blatantly partisan activity is disheartening if not predictable.  The fact that Husted would do it to deny his own opponent from the general election campaign is just pathetic.  You see, Maryellen O’Shaughnessy was one of the appointments the Republicans rejected.    She was nominated to be appointed to the Ohio Thoroughbred Race Fund Advisory Council.  Apparently, that’s one of those “big policy” entities the Republicans claim they wanted Kasich to be able to name his own people.

Jon Husted has no credibility to be viewed as anything but a Ken Blackwell-type partisan as Secretary of State.  He could have stood up and done the right thing.  He could have spoken up.  Instead, he kept his head low and his vote in the Republicans’ pocket.  Only lame-duck State Senator Kevin Coughlin was the only Republican willing to stand up and be counted on to do the right thing.  Husted should be ashamed of himself.