From the daily archives: Tuesday, December 21, 2010

As if the unprecedented rejection of Governor Strickland’s legally mandated appointments to the Ohio Casino Control Commission weren’t troubling enough, given the blatant power grab that it represents, it also means Republicans have just shot an even larger hole in the next State Budget.

In November, Strickland’s appointees to the Commission were already hard at work drafting preliminary casino regulations. Ohio law required these rules to be completed by March 2011. Rules set forth how casino licensing and oversight will occur, and without them, no casino operators can obtain licenses, something their investors will want before they sink […]

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One person who deserves special attention in today’s “Christmas Week Massacre” is Secretary of State-elect Jon Husted.  Husted ran on a campaign promising to cast “aside partisanship” and seeking to utilize rules and laws to resolve disagreements.

Apparently, that offer only begins on January 9th when he takes office.  Jon Husted sits on the Senate Rules Committee.  He had an opportunity to demonstrate his commitment to casting aside partisanship, to encourage his colleagues to adhere to the rules and laws that apply to the Senate’s limited advise and consent powers and to discourage them from abusing them for partisan gang.


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No, really…  It’s like they stopped reading a key provision that gives the Governor power when the State Senate is being a partisan, power-hungry prick.

Here’s Governor Strickland’s response to today’s unprecedented Senate action:

“I am extremely dismayed and saddened to see so many experienced, honorable Ohioans lose the opportunity to serve their state today as a result of blatant, partisan politics,” Strickland said.  “The vast majority of these appointees were to be volunteers who simply wanted to serve the people of Ohio. And it’s troubling that about 25 percent of the rejected appointees are members of our minority communities.


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During the campaign, John Kasich seized upon first-year New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) as a model he’d emulate if elected.  He’s continued that bombastic style and amped it up since winning the election.  Looks like Kasich… well, you explain it Knight of the Templar:

Not even a year into his term, and Christie’s approval ratings have dropped below 50%, according to a new Quinnipiac poll.  In a little over a month, Christie has seen his approval rating drop five points, and his disapproval rating raise six.

While Republicans love him and Democrats hate him, Christie is starting […]

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Dumb question

On December 21, 2010 By

How is it that Michigan was the only State to lose population in the country, but it only lost one seat in reapportionment while Ohio lost two?!?

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Today, nearly 80 qualified appointees who wanted to serve their State proudly, were summarily tossed under John Kasich’s campaign bus in a sacrifice to the lower demons of partisan politics.

In response, the Senate Democrats did the only thing they can do under the Ohio Constitution–they filed a formal protest into the Senate Journal.  The full protest is attached at the bottom, but here are some highlights:

“We strongly oppose what we perceive as the continued politicization
of the confirmation process. Members of the Senate Majority have relied solely on political motive, failing to examine the merits of individual […]

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The U.S. Census announced today that as a result of Ohio being outpaced in population growth by other States, Ohio will lose two seats in Congress in the next apportionment.

There’s no doubt that the Republicans will target at least one Cleveland area seat for elimination since Cleveland has the greatest population loss.  No idea what kind of map it brings.  Regardless, it means all Members of Congress are going to have to represent a significantly larger area which is not inherently familiar with them.   Incumbents tend to be most vulnerable when they’re a) fairly new to Congress; b) fairly […]

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Hannah News Report has just sent out a news alert that the Senate Rules Committee is recommending 78 Strickland appointees be rejected by the State Senate:

“Among them are recently named members of the Board of Directors of the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Board of Regents, State Board of Education, Third Frontier Commission, and, as expected, the Ohio Casino Control Commission.”

We’re being told that the Senate is planning to reject any appointment Strickland made in December, claiming that they “hadn’t had time” to review them.  However, in 2006, the Senate had no problem approving several of Taft’s appointees, including […]

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Governor Strickland is doing a round of “exit” interviews with the Ohio media to reflect on his Administration and to offer some thoughts about events since the election.

Strickland on Ohio’s unemployment:

According to the Associated Press:

"Our unemployment rate now is even with the national unemployment rate. First time that’s happened since December of 2002," he said. "So I’m leaving office having established, I believe, the foundation for future growth in Ohio, and I’m proud of that."

Our unemployment is still too high, but what most people fail to acknowledge was that Ohio’s unemployment substantially higher than […]

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