From the daily archives: Monday, December 20, 2010

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Akron Chamber, Canton Regional Chamber, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, Columbus Chamber, Greater Cleveland Partnership, Regional Chamber Youngstown & Warren, the Toledo Chamber of Commerce, and the Dayton Chamber of Commerce today unveiled their “Redesigning Ohio” plan.  A full copy of which is attached to the bottom of  this post.

But in the end, the biggest takeaway is this: not even the Ohio Chamber of Commerce can create a report that plays to Kasich’s fiction that Ohio’s projected budget deficit can be cured by cuts in spending alone.

The report, billed as […]

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Last week’s rollout of Inspector General Thomas Charles as Kasich’s Director of Public Safety and John Born as the head of the Ohio Highway Patrol was supposed to go very differently than it did.

Right up until the press gaggle afterwards, the Kasich transition team was selling these appointments, incredibly, as a sign of Kasich getting politics “out” of both agencies.  But enough of the Ohio Statehouse media was aware enough about what was really going on to take that story somewhat incredulously given the documented rather “unusual” things Charles had done as I.G. as it related to trying to […]

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Thank you.

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Normally, after an election, it’s pretty common for a political blog to see its traffic drop off a cliff.   Part of that is there is less of an audience for a political blog between election cycles.  The other part is, well, there’s less supply of stories to churn out, too.

Now, we still have seen a significant drop in our traffic since the week of the election, but what we’ve seen is nothing I can compare it to in the past.  While we don’t give out our numbers as that’s propriety information for us, here’s a couple things that make […]

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Outgoing Senator George Voinovich joined Republican Senators Brown (MA), Burr (NC), Collins (ME), Ensign (NV) Murkowski (AK), Kirk (IL) and Snowe (ME) in voting to repeal DADT in a stand-alone bill on Saturday.

How much do you bet that Governor-elect Kasich now doesn’t get the Cleveland Inner Belt named after George Voinovich now?

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