From the daily archives: Friday, December 17, 2010

Earlier today The Dispatch blog published a list of people who applied for one of the two open seats on Columbus City Council.

The list is actually pretty great and there are a number of people I think would be wonderful council members.

Obviously Kevin Boyce is at the top of the list. He’s already served 8 years on council and has an amazing amount of experience.

And I absolutely love Bob Fitrakis’s irreverent style of progressive activism. I know he’d bring some crazy new ideas to council (though his selection seems pretty unlikely).

Also add to the […]

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From the Cincinnati Enquirer’s “Opinionati” blog:

Pharaoh Kasich trips over anthills on his way to the pyramid

Those pesky, problematic little anthills — you never know when they are going to pop up and ruin your day.

And if you happen upon one with fire ants, you are in real trouble.

Gov. -elect John Kasich (R) told a group of fire ants — err, reporters — yesterday that he’s “tripping over anthills on the way to the pyramids,” implying that Ohio’s sunshine laws were already becoming a hindrance to his administration, although he does not even […]

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If Kasich’s irony were snowflakes… well, just look outside.

The Associated Press is reporting that Governor-elect Kasich announced at a GOP function celebrating the career of retiring U.S. Senator/former Governor George Voinovich that Kasich intends to have the new I-90 bridge in Cleveland named after Voinovich.

“The new, $450 million bridge in Cleveland replaces the Inner Belt Bridge. The project received $85 million from the federal economic stimulus package.”

It’s ironic that they’d name the bridge after Voinovich since his legacy was largely one of fiscal conservatism and rallying against pork barrel spending.  Also, there’s the little […]

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According to the latest unemployment report from the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services, Ohio’s unemployment rate slightly dropped in November to 9.8%. 

It’s the first time Ohio’s unemployment rate hasn’t been greater than the national unemployment rate in over eight years, (Oct. 2002).

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(HT: Mark Kovac at Ohio Capitol Blog)

Stop what you doing.  Watch this video.  Then send it to every Ohioan you know.

If John Kasich had said this before the election, Ted Strickland would have easily won re-election.  Before the election, Kasich talked about his Administration being the model of transparency, accessibility, and accountability.  Now?

Now, Governor-elect Kasich just said on video that he thinks Ohio’s Sunshine, public record, and ethics laws are “silly.”  How does Governor-elect Kasich reconcile what he said before the campaign and now that he’s won?

Seriously, listen closely to what […]

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