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So, how’d that Tom Charles/John Born rollout go?

Well, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Kasich didn’t think it went too well.  After the media asked Charles and Kasich a number of questions about the obvious conflicts of interest of Charles being the Director when both his wife and his son work for the Patrol (never mind the obvious conflict of Charles’ office doing an investigation involving someone whom Charles wanted to replace at the agency he was about to take over):

Charles also was asked today about potential conflicts of interest that could arise because his wife […]

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Ken Blackwell for Senate!

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Just a quick add-on to Modern’s analysis of today’s PPP polls

In addition to showing Kasich’s approval ratings plummeting and Senator Brown not doing much better, the poll also showed that more Republicans would prefer Ken Blackwell for their Senate nominee over Jon Husted, Jim Jordan, Mary Taylor, Steve LaTourette , Josh Mandel and Kevin Coughlin. (DeWine is first)

Ken Blackwell.


Given that the Draft Ken Blackwell for Senate 2010 Facebook group has a total of 13 members, I think his campaign is going to need a serious kick in the ass to get it off […]

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Tom Charles has gotten everything he’s ever wanted for John Kasich after giving the Republicans an error-ridden investigation they could use to falsely accuse the Strickland Administration of perjury and obstruction of justice, charges so ridiculous a Republican county prosecutor declared (but only after the election) there was “insufficient” evidence to pursue.

According to the Tweet feed of WOSU/NPR’s Columbus bureau Jo Ingles, today Kasich not only announced that he was appointing Tom Charles as the head of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, but that he’d also appoint John Born as the Superintendent of the Ohio Highway Patrol.

[blackbirdpie […]

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Yesterday, Public Policy Polling (a Democratic polling outfit) released their latest Ohio poll.  The news shows that if the election were held today, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown would have a real fight on his hands.

He has approval ratings 40% to a 37% disapproval, which is not good.  In hypothetical matchups against incoming Attorney General Mike DeWine, Lt. Governor-elect Mary Taylor, or Congressman Jim Jordan, Brown is barely ahead against Taylor or Jordan.  He’s tied with DeWine.  Even more concerning, Brown’s numbers are all at or below 43%.

But the news is even more troublesome for Governor-elect John […]

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Hotline gives Frances the honors because of her guitar:

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland’s (D) wife rallied crowds on the trail by playing acoustic guitar and singing a train-themed campaign song called "Let’s Keep Ohio Moving," to the tune of Johnny Cash‘s "Folsom Prison Blues." From the song: "You know we’re on the right track / ’cause you’re the engineer. Let’s keep Ohio movin’ / Dems are goin’ four more years." Unfortunately, the song wasn’t enough to score a win for Strickland.

Here’s the music video, too:

Yep, that’s the Governor being the music stand, while now Justice […]

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Here’s what I wrote back in September shortly after Frank Russo resigned as a Bill of Information charging him with over twenty federal felony charges was publicly released:

I don’t think it’s really as much of a question whether Russo will cooperate.  It’s probably already privately happened.  Even if I’m wrong, it’s only a matter of time.  Russo is staring down 21 counts of federal bribery charges that he’ll have pled guilty to.  That kind of reality gets people to re-evaluate their loyalty to people who aren’t family.  He has no public office to hold onto.  It’s mitigation […]

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I have to admit.  It never occurred to me that Strickland might seek a rematch.  What would that do to Cordray’s and Brunner’s plans?

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Yesterday, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that Governor-elect Kasich was in Cleveland and telling the local leadership there that if the Cleveland Municipal School District didn’t improve its academic performance, he’d seek legislative authority to have the State take it over.

Kasich has not drafted a specific proposal but said Wednesday that he favors putting a "special master" in control of school districts like Cleveland with chronically low graduation rates and test scores. He did not set a deadline for improvements but said he wouldn’t wait four years, the length of an Ohio governor’s term.

Of course, […]

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