From the daily archives: Monday, December 13, 2010

The Plain Dealer is reporting that Mary Taylor is under consideration to lead the Department of Commerce.

If you would have asked me where John should send his running mate I might have sarcastically suggested Lottery because of the exceptional work she did uncoving tens of thousands of dollars in savings with her big, expensive audit. Or maybe even Aging because John Kasich thinks women are good at making “small decisions” – decisions about thinking like where (old) people should live.

But who would have thought John Kasich would have the balls to appoint Mary Taylor to head […]

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In today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer, Reggie Fields cites as an example of the support by Ohio’s cities of Governor-elect Kasich’s desire to see a major undercutting of public sector unions’ ability to negotiate under Ohio law the City of Middletown… which is about fifteen minutes from where I live.  Here’s what the Plain Dealer claimed:

The Middletown City Council recently passed a resolution asking the Ohio General Assembly to revise the state’s collective bargaining law.

City Councilman Josh Laubach, who authored the resolution, said the city had to dip into reserves to pay police and fire costs […]

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