From the daily archives: Saturday, December 11, 2010

Last week I pointed out that John Kasich was attacking the Department of Corrections for not proposing any cost-saving measures even though the department had spent the past four years working with legislators and the Governor to do exactly that.

As a result of these cost-saving studies, Governor Strickland’s last budget contained comprehensive sentencing reform proposals, developed with the help of the Department of Corrections and legislators from both parties. But they were all removed during budget negotiations with Republicans.

You want to guess what John Kasich proposed this week?

At a Thursday news conference, Kasich expanded upon […]

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(Pictured from left to right: Ohio House Speaker designate Bill Batchelder (R- Medina), Governor-elect John Kasich (R), and Senate President-designate Thomas Neihaus (R-New Richmond))

A month ago, Speaker-designate Bill Batchelder indicated that his House Republicans may cut Medicaid eligibility in half, thus cutting off access to affordable, quality health care to thousands of expecting mothers, children, and other Ohioans.

Where’s Sarah Palin to protest the death panel Governor-elect Kasich and his allies in the legislature are plotting to convene to determine who lives and who dies?

And if you think the situation isn’t this dire, consider what […]

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