From the daily archives: Thursday, December 9, 2010

Today, the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s editorial page sent Governor-elect Kasich a very strongly worded letter about transparency, and then, of course, let him off the hook with praise:

Ardent criticism, threats of a lawsuit by The Cincinnati Enquirer and the legal advice evidently changed his mind.

At least Kasich’s reversal displayed more pragmatism and flexibility than his foes typically ascribe to him. Both traits could come in handy starting in January.

For those keeping score, when a group of local county officials caucus, that’s is  an unpardonable sin, even when those officials later […]

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Stay tuned as this will become a placeholder post for any further reactions we receive.

We’ve got reactions from State Senator Nina Turner (D-Cleveland) and State Assistant Minority Leader Shirley Smith (D-Cleveland).

Senate Assistant Minority Leader Shirley Smith:

“Like the investments that we are making in the Third Frontier Program, passenger rail was going to be a job-creating engine of growth for our state.   Today’s announcement that 3-C&D passenger rail money will be redirected to other states will isolate Ohio from a growing, regional transportation network.  And it closes the door on the creation of 16,000 permanent jobs.  […]

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From the Senator’s press release:

“It’s a great day for New Yorkers and Californians but a truly disappointing one for Ohioans waiting for jobs and waiting for passenger rail.”

“With so many Ohioans struggling, I don’t understand why we would give up on funds that create thousands of jobs and promote millions’ of dollars worth of economic development. It’s not just manufacturing and construction jobs we’re losing, it’s lost economic development opportunities along the proposed route and surrounding the proposed stations.  By turning our backs on this federal investment, we are turning our backs on opportunity to bring […]

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I can’t take it.  Now, Kasich has declared war on the public unions.

Here’s Kasich talking about public unions, strikes, and binding arbitration.  (Source: Marc Kovac at Ohio Capitol Blog):

Do you remember during the campaign when Kasich unveiled that he would institute “collective bargaining reform?”  Me, neither.

And yet, during today’s Tax Commissioner appointment announcement, Kasich unveiled a “collective bargaining reform” package in which he called for:

An end of the prevailing wage entirely. An end of the right to public employees to strike or threaten to strike as a bargaining tactic. An end of binding arbitration […]

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The Associated Press is reporting that the Obama Administration is ready to declare that it is diverting the $400 million awarded to Ohio for the 3C train plan and the $800 million awarded to Wisconsin and instead give the money to California, Illinois, and New York—who have Governors who are more than happy to use federal funding to develop passenger rail service in their States.

That’s $400 million in federal economic development funding for a project that was projected to create over 10k jobs throughout Ohio that is now on the express train to other States.


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When John Kasich – a guy with a good deal of experience on both sides of the conservative interview table – called in to Laura Ingraham’s show the other day I think everyone was expecting it to go pretty smoothly.

It didn’t.

John started off sounding annoyed and he spent over half the interview angrily refusing to answer Laura’s first question – which she rephrased a number of times and ended up answering herself. About halfway through you can pretty much imagine Laura Ingraham looking over at her producer asking WHO THE HELL BOOKED THIS MORON??

Here’s the audio…

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If you’ve ever applied for a job, you have probably noticed somewhere  some fine print declaring that the employer is an “Equal Opportunity Employer” (EOE) and then there’s listed a number of protected classes of people the employer is committed to avoid discriminating against in hiring, promotion, and discipline.  The State of Ohio’s EOE statement, for example says:

The State of Ohio is an equal opportunity employer committed to compliance with federal, state, laws and Gubernatorial Executive Orders prohibiting discrimination, discriminatory harassment and retaliation. Where discrimination is suspected, employees are encouraged to use the State of […]

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