From the daily archives: Monday, December 6, 2010

The Washington Post  is reporting that deficit hawk and outgoing U.S. Senator George Voinovich (R-OH) has announced he plans to oppose ANY extension of the Bush tax cuts that the Republicans planned on expiring this year.

"As I look at my experience, I believe that if this thing goes through and we extend it, we will kick this thing down the road," Voinovich said in an interview after addressing an Aspen Institute roundtable in Washington. "It’s completely irresponsible."

Voinovich has bucked his party on the tax-cut issue before. He was the only Republican senator to oppose the cuts […]

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The Cleveland Plain Dealer isn’t letting this non-controversy about the Democrats on County Council caucusing to discuss virtually meaningless elections within the County County go.  Now columnist Gloria Millner is declaring that these candidates’ lied about their devotion to “transparency” in their questionairres.  To prove(?) her point, she republished them.

I don’t think they said what she thinks they said:

Julian Rogers

What would be the first thing you would do upon taking office?

Work to establish a strong working relationship with the other members of council.

Isn’t that exactly what they did by caucusing?  Nothing […]

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It looks like Mr. big-Ideas, don’t-bother-me-with-silly-details Kasich is at it again. This time his lack of knowledge about state government and the budget process goes a step further when he actually threatens the Department of Corrections with severe budget cuts because he incorrectly believes they are whining, lacking ideas and leaking information to the press.

Ohio Capital Blog captured it all in this exchange between Bill Cohen and John Kasich:

(The prison discussion starts around 1:20 – but the intro is worth watching…)

The exchange starts when Bill Cohen asks Kasich about a recent report in which the […]

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Before the 2006 elections, the Republicans passed a bill that prohibited a person to run both for a federal and state office at the same time.  The bill was introduced for no other reason than Republicans believed that then Congressman Ted Strickland might be planning to run for both his Congressional seat and for Governor to hedge his bets.

If they thought taking away his ability to keep his Congressional seat dissuaded him, the Republicans failed.  Strickland ran for governor and won while his seat went to Charlie Wilson.

Shouldn’t the General Assembly consider a similar bill in their lame […]

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I just saw this on Twitter where ProgressOhio are asking folks to sign a petition to urge the still Democratic-controlled Ohio House not to pass two gun rights bills, SB 239 and 247.  Now, many of you may disagree with my views when it comes to Second Amendment rights, and that’s to be expected.  However, what ProgressOhio presents is still highly misleading.

For example, ProgressOhio says:

If they succeed, Ohio will be changed to allow:

– easy access to guns for criminals convicted of some drug crimes. Around 1,500 Ohio students are told every […]

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The Wheeling Intelligencer is a conservative West Virginia paper that operates just across the Ohio River, but has some circulation in Ohio.   It is one of those newspapers that endorsed Kasich that his supporters were crowing about as if it were an achievement.  Nothing reveals how much a paper is in the tank for a guy than seeing how it changes their story to constantly keep Kasich in a favorable light.  Take, the “Race to the Top” (RTTP”) funding issue, for example.

When Kasich claimed that the U.S. Secretary of Education told Kasich in a private conversation that Kasich’s plan […]

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The Associated Press on Friday confirmed our exclusive story early last week that the U.S. Department of Education has denied that Secretary Arne Duncan ever told Kasich that Kasich’s planned abandonment of Governor Strickland’s evidence-based school funding model wouldn’t jeopardize Ohio’s awarding of “Race to the Top” federal funding.  It turns out that the U.S. Department of Education has, for weeks now, made it plain that they made no such representation to Kasich for as long as Kasich has been claiming otherwise.

Federal officials say they can’t assure Ohio that its $400 million federal […]

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