Getting over the long holiday weekend, I just read Anastasia’s post at Ohio Daily Blog on Friday’s ridiculous item in the Cleveland Plain Dealer defending Kasich’s lack of transparency in hiring.  Anastasia says all that needs to be said about the Plain Dealer’s partisan hypocrisy.

Imagine after all the Cuyahoga County hiring scandals, if the new County Administration with Ed Fitzgerald acted this way.  Tell me that the Plain Dealer wouldn’t be screaming bloody murder.  Also, notice that the Governor-elect is trying a new rationale to justify the secrecy.

The Dayton Daily News joins other papers (including the Cincinnati Enquirer, which endorsed him) in calling Kasich out over his secrecy.  The DDN editorial addresses precisely the argument raised by Governor-elect Kasich that the Plain Dealer never questions:

Mr. Kasich’s team is using the tired, bogus excuse that making public the names of people applying for government jobs will discourage quality applicants from applying. That notion is bunk.

Ohio, other states and the federal government all have long track records of having no trouble attracting top-quality public servants despite public-records laws that make resumes and applications open to anyone who would like to know who applied.

Any takers that Kasich will change his mind and realize that this issue simply isn’t worth picking a fight with the newspapers so early in his Administration?

Common sense would say yes, but…