The good news – my 1994 Saturn SC2 is showing every sign of cooperation.  The bad news – none yet, really.  We had Thanksgiving dinner yesterday at the usual spot, my brother’s place north of Columbus.  The turkey was perfect, pictured above.  My brother has perfected his method beyond all reasonable expectation.

Today I continue south for the first set of interviews.  I may gather a few today among Black Friday shoppers, although attempting to identify Democrats among Black Friday Christmas shoppers to talk on video about politics sounds like trouble.   If I’m gonna go through that kind of stress to get an interview, probably oughta save it up for teabagger footage.

We watched the Macy’s parade before dinner was served.  Whoever came up with this idea is a marketing genius.  Let’s have our products parade through New York City at ten stories high and have the entire world media take pictures of them!  My favorite was the Victoria’s Secret ad plastered across the building one block down from Macy’s, featuring a pair of scantily covered gigantic tits, on live TV every, oh, 30 seconds, brazenly greeting every kids’ character, boy band, cheerleader, and Fisher Price product that went by the NBC booth.  If anyone has a picture of Big Bird with that ad in the background, you get a Pultizer.  We had a debate about how much that ad placement had to cost – $1 million?  $10 million?  The economy must be poised for a big comeback if every consumer instinct in America, no matter how contradictory, is congealing so spectacularly.

Our first interview will be up on Monday.  We’d like to thank our first sponsor, the Communications Workers of America, CWA, for stepping up to fill the gas tank.  We need more!  If you’d like to sponsor, please email eric-at-plunderbund-dot-com, and we’ll be in touch.

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