So when I first heard we were running a new ad on our site I immediately went to see who was running it. And man was I surprised.

Like we’ve already discussed, the ad is for so-called “bipartisan” Peter G. Peterson foundation, but it wasn’t purchased by them. Instead ad buy came from an online media company called Craft. And the folks as Craft are as Republican as they come. This year alone these guys worked on tons of Republican campaigns including Toomy in PA, McCain and Steve Stivers right here in my own district.

They also did work for all three big GOP party committees (RNC, NRCC and NRSC) along with a bunch of Republican PACs and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Our contact at Craft is this guy right here:

That’s Matthew Dybwad. He joined Craft in February. Prior to that he worked for emotive llc – the Virginia company John Kasich hired to run the website for his campaign for Ohio Governor.

Matt (why are they all named Matt anyway?) was a College Republican. Graduated GW with a degree in politics. Worked for Republicans doing internet work for ten years. And now suddenly he’s is buying ads on our Progressive blog.

My first response, of course, was “screw this guy!”. Mainly because I couldn’t figure out why the hell he was buying ads on Plunderbund.

Then Eric made some calls.

It turns out we weren’t the only one being solicited. BSB was getting a big ad buy from these guys. So was Ohio Daily.

Then I looked at the ranking on our ad provider and realized Plunderbund was the most trafficked Ohio politics site on their network. Followed, of course, by Ohio Daily and BSB.

And then it dawned on me: they didn’t have anywhere else to go!

It must have been a strange day at the Republican ad agency when they had to call their conservative client and tell them the only place to run their online political ads in Ohio was Progressive blogs.

(To be completely fair, the ad is running on WMD too. But for a much lower rate.)