Kasich’s campaign website has actually scrubbed it’s more detailed links to Kasich’s plans he announced as a candidate for Governor.  (You can still find them, but the website lacks a direct link that it used to have to take you to them.)

Instead, Kasich’s campaign website lists this as Kasich’s only promises:

  • Lower TaxesCreate a tax climate that allows Ohio to compete with other states to attract new businesses, foster job creation, and keep our precious, existing jobs here

  • Make Government More Efficient and EffectiveSkinny-down state bureaucracy to ensure taxpayers are getting their money’s worth, and reform state government into a 21st century partner with Ohio’s job creators – not one that punishes business with outdated or unnecessary regulation;

  • Transform Our Education System – Help our kids achieve, compete and succeed to meet the workforce demands of tomorrow’s economy

  • End the Influence of Special InterestsBuild common-sense solutions to our problems and kick out those who, for too long, have kept us from fixing all that is wrong in our state

Gone is an explicit promise to phase out Ohio’s income and estate taxes.  Gone is any direct link to his CSI regulatory reform plan.  Gone is any direct link to his worker retraining plan.  Gone is his promise to privatize workers compensation.  His promise to Pro-Lifers, farmers, or hunters.  Gone is any mention of his education plans (including his support for charter schools and school choice.) JobsOhio, Kasich’s plan to privatize the Ohio Department of Development, can’t be found while navigating his campaign website.  They’ve all become orphaned pages.

Every campaign blog post before the election is gone from the site. 

FixOhioNow, a site Kasich trumpeted in June as a way that ordinary citizens could offer their ideas on improving Ohio, has also been scrubbed.  The ideas that were submitted by hundreds of Ohioans now appear to be gone.  Instead, you can submit your resume for the new Administration.

(Given that not a single idea offered on Fix Ohio Now ever became a part of the Kasich-Taylor campaign’s platform, you can assure that your resume will get just as much consideration now as your ideas got since June.)

Not even a month since the election, John Kasich is already trying to get people to forget what he promised.  Or maybe he is.