Part of the job of a new administration is to fill unclassified positions. When Ted Strickland was elected Governor four years ago he moved his transition team into state offices and he set up an official website at to accept resumes from people looking to work for the state.

That is how the process is supposed to work.

Not with John Kasich.

As Modern pointed out this morning, Kasich has converted his privately-run FixOhioNow site to accept resumes for State Government Jobs. They are also accepting applications in person at the Kasich-Taylor campaign headquarters.

Yes, these are unclassified positions. But they are State jobs none-the-less. Jobs with salaries and health plans and retirement benefits.

And it seems to me that if the state is providing money for the transition ($250,000 actually!) there is a statutory expectation that this is an official process of government.

I’m not saying they are necessarily doing anything illegal (yet) but it clearly shows they aren’t even thinking about these issues. Just like they weren’t thinking about these issues when they promised to replace the Department of Development with a private, government-funded organization that wouldn’t release the salaries of its members or the value of the bonuses they received.

As we’ve seen time and time again from John Kasich, he doesn’t seem to be the least bit concerned for how things actually work in state government or any of the reasons why they are supposed to work this way.

Moreover, John Kasich and his campaign/transition team seem to need a lesson in basic government transparency.

p.s. I’m already preparing my public records request for everything on