No mention of the controversy when he “joked” that the President isn’t an American.

However, the Dispatch tries to put as much lipstick as they could on this pig.  Here’s how they characterized Zehringer’s support for getting rid of the Department of Agriculture:

A state lawmaker who at one point advocated doing away with the Ohio Department of Agriculture was appointed to run it yesterday by Gov.-elect John Kasich.

That’s the opening paragraph.  “At one point” is a phrase you use to describe something you did awhile ago that’s not really indicative of your thinking.  “At one point” in my life, I thought I could be the first cowboy/astronaut/President, but then I went into the fifth grade.  In this instance, that “one point” the Dispatch is referring to would be what other people would characterize as “presently.”

But on top of that, as the Plain Dealer pointed out, Zehringer hasn’t changed his position on the bill, he’s just insisting that despite its clear language it doesn’t actually get rid of the agency.