After about 45 seconds of careful deliberation, we at Plunderbund have decided to begin a new series by sending our most underemployed contributor (me) out on the road.  Beginning after Thanksgiving, I’ll be hitting the trail to talk to Democrats in Ohio, focusing on video interviews with grassroots activists, talking about where Democrats go from here. Potentially, I’ll be talking to Democrats across the country.  All these posts will be tagged “russo on the road“, so they’ll be easy to find.

Why beginning after Thanksgiving?  Well, I’ll already be in Columbus for family stuff, so that gas is already paid for.  After Thanksgiving, also, I’ll be well fed.  And from Columbus, I can get to anywhere in Ohio pretty easily.  Why nationally?  Well, another tank or so of gas has already been budgeted for me to head to a friend’s New Years Eve party near New York City, so why not?

Need your help with two things.  First, I’m looking for folks to talk to.  If you’re a Democratic activist at the grassroots anywhere in Ohio, and feel like going on video, let me know (tim-at-plunderbund-dot-com).  If you’re a Democrat in, say, the Tri State Area, and you’re around after the first of the year, hit me up!  Don’t worry, I don’t bite, unless you’re a teabagger, in which case you might end up on Rachel Maddow making a damn fool of yourself.

The second thing we need help with is sponsorship.  This will go on as long as I can keep my shitty car on the road and remain semi-comfortably accommodated.  I like hotels, so if there are any lefty friendly hotel types who want a “brought to you by” lead in on YouTube, let us know!  I don’t mind crashing, but beds in bedrooms are better than couches in living rooms, and I’m not the young whipper snapper I used to be when I backpacked across Scotland in 1991 staying 6 to a room in a youth hostel.  So there’s that.

Aside from the obvious potential for hilarity, there just aren’t any blogs putting average Democrats on video getting their input.  Not in Ohio, not in any swing state, not anywhere.  We’re trying to fill a void with voices like ours, in advance of a presidential election.  I’ll be doing some more traditional travel writing as well, and looking for teabaggers to make famous, but I’m really interested in talking to the people who will help re-elect President Obama, help push back Republicans to the margins where they belong, and who aren’t afraid to put up their dukes and fight.

Russo on The Road – what could possibly be more awesome?

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