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…I helped to run one of the offices that was authorized to hire 105 people to canvass in Cleveland. We were explicitly instructed to tell the people we hired that those who canvassed Saturday and Sunday would be paid Sunday night at 8 pm, and those who canvassed Monday and Tuesday would be paid on Tuesday at 8 pm. Sunday came and went, and the plan changed so that everyone would be paid on Tuesday. On Tuesday, at 8:20, I received a call informing me that no one would be paid that night. I had the pleasure of relaying this information to the 105 people amassed in the office to receive their pay. Everyone was instructed to show up on the East Side at 9 am to receive their checks. By 8:30 there was a line of some 50-75 people. The checks didn’t even arrive until 11:30 am, and they were blank. Apparently no one at Lancer or the ODP had done anything with the meticulous records we kept, and had just handed a stack of checks over to be delivered two and a half hours late. By 12:30, the checks ran out. For those who couldn’t afford to wait 6 hours in line to receive money they had been promised payment of days earlier, a telephone hotline was set up, which no one knew about. I only found out about this number several days later from an angry canvasser who had a bad experience with whomever was on the other end of the line. As the only person willing to give out my phone number, I have received calls from dozens of angry canvassers, some of whom are demanding payment from me personally based on the fact that the hotline is telling people it will take up to 2 weeks to process payment, and they cannot get ahold of anyone else. This morning, I received a call from a canvasser informing me that the voicemail box at the hotline was full. I called this afternoon and the line is disconnected. Nobody from the Party has called me or will answer the phone. Nobody has attempted to take any responsibility whatsoever. There is no number I can call at Lancer after I get off the phone with angry unpaid canvassers. All told, the buck doesn’t stop anywhere with this operation, except perhaps with me, and I can’t do anything about anything. I have worked numerous campaigns, and I know they are prone to problems and exploitation of temporary labor, but I have never been so disgusted, disappointed, and publicly humiliated in my life as I have been this election cycle by the ODP and whoever made these awful decisions. I will certainly never work for a Democratic candidate again, and it will probably take some years before I can vote for one either.

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