The Ohio House Republican Caucus rode itself back in the majority by attacking Democratic incumbents for “cutting” school funding because the last budget cut overall state support for primary and secondary education.  However, those “cuts” were offset by increases in federal funding.

Late yesterday, the Columbus Dispatch reports that one of the House Republicans early promises is to… massively cut primary and secondary education.

GOP legislative leaders say school districts would be wise to plan for cuts in state aid of 15 percent or more in the upcoming budget.

Oh, and they’re going to try to undo Ohio’s collective bargaining laws… something the Republicans didn’t even do in the 1990s:

In a related matter, Niehaus and Rep. William Batchelder, R-Medina and the next expected speaker of the House, agreed that Republican leaders also are likely to revisit Ohio’s 26-year-old collective bargaining law which guides contract negotiations and provides other rights to public employees, including teachers.

Yep, it’s a New Day, New Way in Ohio.  Where workers have less bargaining power against employers, your kids have less funding for education, but you better not complain because there’s virtually nothing left of the economic safety net because we had to slash Medicaid to pay for more tax cuts!

John Kasich has insisted that he will not even meet with the teachers’ unions unless they take out full-page ads apologizing for what they said about him during the campaign.  However, there wasn’t a single thing that they said was false.  If they had, Kasich could have taken them before the Ohio Elections Commission.  He didn’t.  All he’s doing is wanting to see if he can make them grovel publicly.  Then, if they are dumb enough to do it, he can go about ignoring them anyways.  Anyone really believe that Kasich, under any circumstances, is going to listen to public school teachers regarding education matters?  Me, either.