It’s only been slightly more than a week since the election and Republicans in the Ohio House are already showing their true colors.

Forget about jobs and helping small business and cutting spending and shrinking government.

Nope. That’s all just campaign chatter.

With months to go before they take over control of the Ohio GA, Republicans in the Ohio House are already preparing to push their extreme conservative agenda on the state.

Yesterday Republican Rep Courtney Combs said he plans to put an Arizona-style immigration bill “near the top of the agenda” as soon as possible. (yes, as I’ve mentioned before, we have a dude named Courtney in the Ohio House)

And like a small business owner in Tucson said weeks after the AZ bill went into effect: ‚ÄúSmall businesses are going to suffer the most”. Phoenix alone estimated its loss to local businesses at over $100 million before it stopped keeping track. But the effects were felt state-wide as people and businesses boycotted Arizona.

And the state itself has spent over $1 Million in legal fees defending the law.

Businesses suffered. Jobs were lost. State spending went up.

Oh we should DEFINITELY follow Arizona. What could possibly go wrong?