Looks like Chris Redfern has been working the phones with a lot of people other than me.

The theory further went that as titular head of the party, Brown, who faces re-election in two years, would replace Redfern with trusted politico and former union boss John Ryan, who works for Brown.

In the insular ODP world that allows the AFL-CIO to give us Rob Burch, Lee Fisher, Marc Dann, etc., I suppose making John Ryan the new ODP chair makes all the sense in the world.  In a world where Democrats actually win elections, it makes no sense at all.

Sherrod Brown can be re-elected just fine without his guy as ODP chair.  In fact, he’d probably have a better chance of being re-elected if the AFL-CIO operated independent of ODP, if ODP had a chair that was independent of both Sherrod and the AFL-CIO, and if Sherrod kept his team together rather than try to fill ODP with his own folks.

Looks to me like we’re heading down precisely the same road we always head down.  Lovely.

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