According to the Columbus Dispatch, statewide turnout was four percent lower than what Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner predicted.

Only 48% of registered voters voted.  And John Kasich and Mike DeWine couldn’t even get a majority from that minority.

Whomever is in charge of the Montgomery County Democratic Party should resign.  11.1% drop off in turnout!  Seriously?!  I’ve been told that in Montgomery County the GOTV operation focused more on phone calling than actual canvassing.  You have to wonder if that may have been a problem.

For all the talk of Cuyahoga County, we only saw a 2.1% drop in turnout.  I’m also a little surprised to see that we had such a drop in turnout in Mahoning County, too.

Not since 2002, when Republicans like Bob Taft ran in a rout against nominal Democratic opposition (Taft Quack!) have we seen such low turnout in a midterm.

The Ohio Democratic Party and Organizing for America did everything humanly possible to get our voters to turnout.  They left nothing on the table.  And to be honest, had it not been for them, it could have been much worse.

That over 300,000 voters who didn’t vote in 2010 that voted in 2006 is why Democrats lost.  Had they voted, we would have had a drastically different result.  Heck, we might have even gotten the Apportionment Board.  I said leading into the election: We vote, we win; they lose.  We didn’t vote, so we didn’t win.  They won.  Because the turnout drop off was biggest (in terms of percentage and/or raw numbers) in heavily Democratic areas, it’s more likely than not that simple turnout is what kept the Democrats from re-electing Ted Strickland, Richard Cordray, and possibly electing David Pepper.

And now come January we have this asshat for a Governor:

"I probably will do a couple of interviews maybe on this place, what’s it called, Fox News?" –Governor-elect John Kasich on his communication strategy as Governor (actual quote.)

John Kasich got a minority of the vote in which a minority of the electorate voted, and he’s acting like he won in an landslide.  Maybe the next time he goes to his men’s prayer group, they could talk about what the Bible says about humility.