Already getting that special interest out of the trough.  From the Dayton Daily News:

“…If you think you’re going to stop us, you’re crazy. You will not stop us. We will beat you,” Kasich said. “We will listen to you. If you think we’re doing something that really doesn’t make sense, tell us. If you think that I’m going in the wrong direction, stop me. I don’t want to drive over a cliff. I just want to be a good governor. And in being a good governor, I just want you to be part of the team…I just want Ohio to be great. This is our chance. Please leave the cynicism and political maneuvering at the door. Because we need you on the bus and if you’re not on the bus, we’ll run over you with the bus. And I’m not kidding.”


Yesterday, it was a press conference held from the offices of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.  Today, he’s asking the lobbying community to be a part of his team.

This is already not a “New Way.”  It’s the Taft way of governing.  Déjà vu.