Watching Tom Ganley’s first lesson in politics has been a joy.  Not so much for him, of course.  After this election, we may next hear about Ganley when his auto business files for bankruptcy.

Businessmen in today’s America have every luxury conservative Republicanism can afford them, including the ability to operate as animals in a state of nature.  That is, after all, what Republican ideology is all about – social Darwinism to the point of making people like Tom Ganley obscenely rich, human carnage in that wake be damned.  Inevitably, they want more power, because greed unchecked just makes one more greedy. So they run for office, claiming their business prowess is indicative of political usefulness.

Outside of the political arena, it’s perfectly reasonable for Tom Ganley to sell cars while carrying a record of over 400 lawsuits, perjuring himself, and simultaneously grabbing the asses of women not his wfe like a lecherous fiend on spring break.  After all, making money is the only important thing, right?  So let the guy make his money, who cares whose ass he grabs?  I bet that very thought occurs to Ganley’s own wife.

Once you enter the political arena, all the perks of life as a filthy rich jackass suddenly become liabilities.

Tom Ganley would have been a Tea Party nominee for US Senate had the Ohio GOP not stepped in to move him into Betty Sutton’s race.  The climate that produced the rabid lunacy of Joe Miller in Alaska, Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, and Rand Paul in Kentucky would surely have carried Ganely to victory over Rob Portman, I have no doubt about that.

Playing Tom Ganley’s greed for power against him was genius on the part of the Ohio GOP.  Let him stay on the ballot, in a race we all know he’ll lose, then leave his political carcass on the road.  People like Ganley never see that coming, because the world in which they exist never allows for reason, let alone a scenario in which they lose.

The result is that Ganley’s empire is under threat from Ganley himself.  That’s what Ganley’s crisis communications strategy is about now – not about winning an election, but keeping his business.  In politics, your every flaw is subject to the very same two solid months of sustained attack on television that Sutton unloaded on Ganley.  That Ganley didn’t consider this likelihood, knowing all the ammunition he’d created with his own hand, is really quite delicious.

So instead of Ganley’s business wistfully airing ads for cars with no one the wiser, it is quite likely that for the last two months, maybe longer, Ganley Automotive Group ads aired in the same hour, in front of the same demographic, as Sutton’s ads explaining just what a foul human being Ganley in fact is.  Not very good for business!

That’s just this election.  The flood of lawsuits which are likely to descend upon Ganley after a few women have finally, courageously decided to stand up to this puke will linger rather longer.  I’d say he’s going to be arrested for attempted rape, but that might be asking for a bit much given how carefully Ganley has cultivated his relationship with the cops.  CrimeStoppers and all that….again, delicious.

Either way, I suspect the traffic into Ganley car dealerships will be quite a bit smaller into the foreseeable future.  Heaping more irony upon irony, the Cash for Clunkers program Betty Sutton herself created may have allowed Ganley to survive just long enough to destroy himself running against her.