I just got back from going door-to-door GOTV in Butler County, Middletown, specifically.

I’ve done some kind of lit drop, GOTV work, in just about very campaign cycle since 1992.  What Organizing for America/ODP doing this year is absolutely sick.  I’ve never seen a GOTV operation as prepared,  organized, and focused as this one.  It was amazingly easy and simple.

Like the Early Vote, the GOTV canvass I did focused on infrequent Democratic voters, so I wound up hitting 83 voters in roughly two hours of going door to door.  Not bad for a Saturday morning lit drop.

In other words, as many people as John Kasich was speaking to in Butler County at the same moment:

We have forty other folks planning to canvass today alone, in the heart of John Boehner country, that’s doing what I did this morning.  While Kasich holds a rally, we’re reaching out to the voters who don’t come to rallies.  This afternoon, I’m doing GOTV phone calls, too, in Hamilton.  No word yet on how many people are doing that instead.  (And Middletown was not the only area we were doing a lit drop in Butler County today.) 

The door hanger I had was purely statewide.  No Lee Fisher or Justin Coussoule.  I wore my Strickland-Brown T-shirt (over my lucky Strickland-Fisher shirt) and was encouraged to wear (and proudly  did) a Mary Ellen O’Shaughnessy sticker.  The only candidate we focused on in our spiel was Strickland.  The rest were covered by our hanger.  Make of that what you will.

Many of the voters I talked to said that they’ve actually just cast their early ballot.  Many others had concrete plans to vote.  Only three said they won’t or likely won’t vote.  Anecdotal evidence in Butler County of what we’ve been told from the Early Vote numbers statewide.

When I left this morning, the GOTV operation had a table full of bags waiting for other canvassers to cover Middletown today.  When I got back, that table was empty.

GOTV work can be fun and exciting when it’s done right.  I can’t wait until this afternoon.

There’s still time to volunteer between now and Election Day.

GOTV can stop the GOP.